Multi-Room Home Entertainment

Imagine your home could have a single home entertainment system that could deliver different audio and/or video to any area of your home without having to install a separate hi-fi, blu-ray player, Sky or Freeview box in each room.

Multi-Room Entertainment allows your multi-room audio and video system to be plumbed into the house. Your audio equipment (CD, tape, mp3 player) and/or video equipment (blu-ray, satellite, etc) are plugged into the system at one central location be it under the stairs or in a cupboard. The signals are then distributed around the house via hidden cable to each room. In-ceiling, in-wall or even hidden speakers deliver high quality audio with little visual impact (no big black boxes).  Using touch screens, a remote control or your smart phone/tablet device allows full control over the function of each source. Either one source or multiple sources can be used simultaneously and link with seamlessly with your home automation including lighting.

Cleverhouse can install systems to distribute full High Definition TV and even 3DTV around your home. Distributing everything from the latest Blu Ray discs to Sky Sports HD and Eastenders to the Discovery Channel, allowing someone to enjoy the premiership in the lounge, Avatar in your Home Cinema, the latest from Albert Square in the kitchen and a documentary in the bedroom.